Rapid Prompting Method

HALO – Helping Autism through and Learning Outreach. "HALO is a non-profit organization providing Soma® RPM, which is academic instruction leading towards communication for persons with autism. Soma Mukhopadhyay developed Rapid Prompting Method to teach her own son Tito who is a published writer despite his autism. HALO's clinic in Austin, Texas is where she conducts 1:1 Soma® RPM education and training." Learning RPM, Member Forum, and Online Store with books on technique, teaching aids, and books by Tito. http://www.halo-soma.org

Learning RPM – RPM Overview. http://www.halo-soma.org/learning.php

RPM Methodology http://www.halo-soma.org/learning_methodology.php

Frequently Asked Questions about RPM http://www.halo-soma.org/learning_faqs.php

RPM Case Studies http://www.halo-soma.org/learning_case_studies.php

RPM 1:1 Session Clips http://www.halo-soma.org/learning_videos.php

RPM, the Life-Changing Method That Helped My Non-Verbal Son to "Talk" By Jamie Pacton. "Rapid Prompting Method, or RPM, was created by Soma Mukhopadhyay, a Indian mother and chemist who wanted to teach her non-verbal son, Tito, who has autism, to express himself and expand his mind." http://www.parents.com/blogs/special-needs/2015/03/31/news/rpm-the-life-changing-method-that-helped-my-non-verbal-son-to-talk/