Sign Language

10 Interesting Resources for Learning to Sign by Carole Zangari, PrAACtical AAC blog. Links to websites and apps for learning to sign ASL (American Sign Language) and Signed English.

Signed Speech or Simultaneous Communication, Written by Stephen M. Edelson, Ph.D. Center for the Study of Autism, Salem, Oregon. "In conclusion, teaching sign language to people with autism and other developmental disabilities does not interfere with learning to talk; and there is research evidence indicating that teaching sign language along with speech will actually accelerate verbal communication."

Why We Generally Don’t Recommend Sign Language by Carole Zangari. This article about correct terminology clarifies that many times people say "sign language" when they really mean "using manual signs in English word order" or "key word signing".

The Limitations of Sign Language for Children With Speech Delays by Dana Nieder, Uncommon Sense blog. "For families who are a part of the Deaf community, ASL makes complete sense ... But children who are slow to develop language, who have "speech delays", who have "complex communication needs", who are "nonverbal", who have apraxia/dyspraxia/oral motor planning difficulties, who have CP or autism or genetic syndromes, children who will NOT be attending a school for the deaf or supported in the Deaf community—these children should not rely on sign language as an alternative method of communication. Here’s why: ..."

The Development of a Simplified Sign System for hearing, but nonspeaking, persons and their caregivers. Article about the development of the system which has over 1000 signs, teaching manual developed, controlled trials with a variety of populations planned for the future; reported to be in press in 2008.

A Basic Guide to ASL (American Sign Language). Basic dictionary of ASL signs with animated and text definitions. Free on-line video dictionary of over 7200 American Sign Language (ASL) signs; includes religious signs, conversational phrases, ASL for babies.

Learning American Sign Language: Books, Media, and Classes. Gallaudet University website: About Learning ASL, Locating Classes: American Sign Language; On-line ASL Resources and Media; Companies Selling ASL Books and Products.

Signalong Total communication system based on British Sign Language (BSL), using unaltered BSL signs whenever possible.

International Dictionary of Sign Languages: Spread the Sign website. This site has an international dictionary of these and other national sign languages: Swedish, English (BSL), American English (ASL), German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Icelandic, Latvian, Polish, Czech, Japanese, Turkish. Includes individual signs by country, along with alphabet signs. Free website administered by the European Sign Language Centre.